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We at Acetop have made great strides in the ever exciting and innovative areas of blockchain.

Our trained engineers and architects have deep expertise in the overall Ethereum eco-system.

We have worked on ERC 20 and Quorum initiatives around supply chain integrity in the precious metals industry

We have helped our clients run successful blockchain implementations around proof of work, proof of stake, etc

We engage with our clients in the overall business problem to solve and disrupt the status quo in a collaborative environment with our engineers and our clients innovating their way to joint success

Our engineers have worked on pharmaceuticals, precious metals, banking and remittance use cases to disrupt the status quo with the correct usage of blockchain technologies

We have partnered with our clients to reduce overall cost and increase efficiencies and also prove provenance of valuable assets in the supply chain

We continue to make great strides in the Blockchain and distributed computing space and are here to help