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Cloud Practice

Lift and Shift


We have partnered with clients and helped migrate the in-house servers to public cloud (Azure, AWS and GCP) with zero or minimal downtime.

Cloud First


Helped our clients to build highly available applications leveraging the cloud offerings (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, serverless). Partnered with clients to build the greenfield applications using public cloud within their cloud budget, helped placed many checks, bounds, policy governance to achieve cloud governance and cost-efficiency.



We have worked with clients to help them build applications using a Hybrid cloud, set up VPNs, to connect the OnPrem database with the Web API’s hosted in the public cloud. Helped them with Data Flow strategy and Security mapping with treat modeling.

Application Migration


We work with you to discover your legacy applications, its dependencies, data sensitivity, cloud compatibility. Help you with analyzing the code changes, modernization, moving keys and other sensitive data out of the application, help you build a CI/CD pipeline and host the application in public cloud. We provide post-migration support with App metrics, backups, high availability. Our engineer partner with the clients from step 1 to end in the migration process and we have experience of migrating 100s of complex Applications, Web Apps, Web API to both Azure and AWS.



At AceTop we offer proven infrastructure services and solutions that deliver value to our customers. We have experience building infrastructure On-Prem, Public Cloud and Private Cloud. We have expertise in migrating the On-Prem or Co-location servers to the Public cloud and build an Infrastructure as Code architecture to achieve a durable Infra.